Halloween Costume Ideas

Let me just start by saying how much I love this time of year! There’s something about Halloween that puts me in an extra good mood. Besides being the perfect excuse to satisfy your sweet tooth, put your carving skills to the test, and watch the Sanderson Sisters come back to life, you get an opportunity to dress up and be whatever you want to be for a night. This could be my inner kid talking, but there’s nothing more exciting to me than using my creativity to pull off an awesome costume. However, I’ve DEFINTELY had those years where I procrastinated or had a hard time deciding what to dress up as. If you’re finding yourself in the same position or just need a little inspiration, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite costumes I’ve done over the years to help a sista out.

Note: I’d like to give a shout out to my amazing boyfriend, who basically lets me dress him up as whatever I’m feeling that year. You the real MVP. And on that note, let’s talk couples costumes.


Couples Costumes

Fortune Teller and Magician

Our most recent costume (literally…last night lol) basically should have been sponsored by Amazon Prime. I found every piece, except for a few, and had them in my possession within a day or two. These costumes were extremely affordable, both costing us around $50.

Gypsy: Headpiece (see mine here), white crop top, gold jewelry (hoop earrings, rings, bracelets, and layered necklaces), ballet flats or sandals. Check out my makeup inspiration here.

Magician: Black hat, wand, red tie, black pants, vest, white button down shirt, sneakers. Tip: I put dark brown and black eyeshadow under and around his eyes to give him a “darker/evil” look.


“Bae” Watch

This is definitely one of the easier costumes I have done, but of course we had to go all out and get Bailey in on the costume too (even though it stayed on her for about as long as it took us to capture this picture). This costume ended up being perfect because we spent the night outside (in hot and humid Florida) and best of all, we were hella comfy.

Hers: Red bathing suit (I went to a local t-shirt company to get “Bae Watch” printed on it), white sneakers, jean shorts.

His: Bathing suit, lifeguard t-shirt, whistle, sandals.


Frankenstein and Mad Scientist

This is definitely my favorite costume to date. I had an absolute blast creating the Frankenstein makeup and loved that we decided to feature me as a girl version of the character. Sam also had a great time playing with the fake blood too. 😉

Frankenstein: Green slip or dress, black choker, black boots, dry shampoo, and makeup (see the tutorial I watched for inspiration here).

Mad Scientist: Lab coat (purchased at Party City), white t-shirt (use a cheap disposable one because the blood will seep through the lab coat), fake blood, black belt, cleaning gloves, goggles.


Everything is better with Friends

Dead Dolls

My best friend and I were just a little sick of always having an upbeat costume and wanted to try something a little….darker and well, dead. With a little inspiration from Lauren Conrad, we decided to recreate her Bff dead doll look. We had a blast walking around downtown Orlando, trying to keep a straight face and scare our peers.

Dead Doll: Dress, hair bow, white socks, black heels teddy bears.

Saved by the Bell

Feeling nostalgic? We definitely were. This is a great example of when I said earlier, that my boyfriend is a trooper, haha. We went as Kelly, Zack, and Screech from Saved by the bell and found everything we were wearing from Goodwill and Target, if we didn’t already own it (Yes, Dakota already owned a Kelly shirt lol).

Kelly: Mom jeans, white crop top, suspenders, keds (target has them!), silver hoops.

Zack: T-shirt tucked in, light jeans, sneakers, jean shirt.

Screech: Go goodwill crazy! Bright patterned shirt, bright high waisted shorts, tube socks, crazy hair (or wig), layered collared shirt, sneakers.

Rocker Chicks/Groupies

The 80’s would be proud…right? This costume is perfect if you want to test out your edgy side. You can wear this costume with one friend, two, or ten. This costume is easy to customize and play around with.

Rocker: Band shirt, ripped shorts, fish nets, combat boots, feather earrings or other rocker-esque jewelry.

Flying Solo

“Not A Morning Person”

Not even exaggerating, I pulled this costume off in less than ten minutes. I was invited to a costume party and decided to attend very last minute, but had nothing to wear. I knew that I would be walking through grass all night so that immediately eliminated anything involving heels. After rummaging through my closet, I decided that I was just going to wear my pajamas and call it a day. This costume definitely embodies my true self, because I am definitely not a morning person.

Sleepy-head: Pajamas, sleep mask, slippers, optional mug.



Fake blood is just too much fun. Looking back on it, I would have used a lot more and incorporated it into my makeup better. Buuuut, this costume is easily done however you want on the spectrum from sexy to scary. Check out some makeup inspiration here.

Vampire: LBD, black or red heels, fake blood.


What are some of your favorite costumes you’ve done? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Halloween.




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