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How to Create a Gallery Wall

Let’s be honest, decorating isn’t always the easiest task. At one point or another we’ve all been that person who lets art work collect dust instead of taking five minutes to hammer a darn nail into the wall. I’m definitely guilty! But it’s really not that difficult…so why procrastinate? For me, it’s the possibility of the outcome not living up to the vision in my head. I put so much pressure on what I imagine my home to look like that I waste months putting off a simple (and what should be fun) task! This year, I finally realized how silly I was being and broke out my good ole tool box.

I’ve always wanted to create the perfect gallery wall. In this year’s apartment (yes, I basically move annually) I had the perfect opportunity: a big empty living room wall. At first, the thought seemed overwhelming… “Where do I start? How do I find artwork that will complement each other? What sizes do I order? How do I arrange the pictures when it’s time to hang them?”…you get the point. But, I just took it step by step and figured out how to create my dream gallery wall. Today, I’m sharing the steps that I took, so you can create yours too.

Step 1: Pick a color scheme.

I knew from the start that I wanted all black and white. But, yours doesn’t have to be. You can stick to bold colors, earthy tones, pastels, or whatever theme you want! (Tip: When looking for art, try to find pieces that blend well together. Just because each photo has blue in it, doesn’t mean they belong together.)

Step 2: Decide how many pieces you want.

Do you want to cover the entire wall? Or would you rather just have a small cluster of art? You need to figure this out before you even begin to shop. Trust me, it’s much harder to narrow down when you don’t have any idea how much art you need in the first place. Learn from my mistakes, peeps!

Step 3: Do the shopping your heart desires!

Personally, I prefer to shop online for just about everything. It’s faster, more convenient, and there is definitely a larger variety of products. But, if you’re an in-person shopper, go for it! For those like me, I’m sharing the websites that I found my art on. I splurged on a few pieces, but was ballin’ on a budget for the most part. The websites below have a decent price range… check them out!

Urban Outfitters



Step 4: More decisions–Choose your frames.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match! Choosing different frame styles and colors gives an authentic “gallery feel.”

Step 5: Size ‘em up.

Break out your tape measure! Based on step 2, you can now decide what sizes to order. I started by measuring the general area of my wall that I wanted to fill.  From there, based on the number of pieces that I was ordering, I could guesstimate the measurements for each individual piece. I drew it out on paper to visually double-check that what I measured made sense. After you’ve finalized this step, order that art!

Step 6: Learn how to arrange and space.

Yikes—this is the tough part. I’ve never been good at hanging pictures, let alone multiple! After several failed attempts at “just going for it” and trying to hang the pictures, I realized I needed to reevaluate my strategy. So, I laid all of the frames out on the floor and arranged them to my liking there. I snapped a picture on my phone to remember the arrangement, and then started the process of hanging them. I marked a small “X” in pencil on the wall to reference where I wanted the center to be. Next, I hung one of the pieces that was the most near the center. When I had that one where I wanted it, I followed the picture of how I arranged them on the floor and just eyeballed the spacing. I suggest having a friend help you.  Before you put the nail in, have your friend hold each piece on the wall and take a step back to see if you like the placement. This also allows you to have your friend slide it around until it looks perfect. Repeat this step until you have them all hung up!

(Side note: If you have the time and patience, you can measure the wall, mark the center, and measure how you spaced the pictures when you laid them out. However, I try to be realistic and know that most of us just want to find shortcuts that work.)

This entire process shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes (tops), and you’ll have a beautiful wall!

What theme will you choose for your gallery wall? Tell me in the comments below!

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    May 24, 2017 at 3:40 pm

    Me gallery wall would probably look similar to the one you have. It’s so nice!

  • Reply
    Phil ulm
    November 29, 2018 at 7:51 pm

    Perfect instructions for getting up and just get started. The whole process can be fun with a little effort. Good job. Your wall looks great!

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