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What the F?: Pom Poms, Great Hair, and a Music Festival

You know what this post means…. it must be Friday! Only part of this work day is left until it’s time to weekend. You can do it! This week, I have rounded up my favorite products that I am using every day and activities going on in my life right now. Also, it’s getting warmer here in Florida (I mean really, really warm) and these F’s are perfect for the sunshine-y weather.



I have to admit, when this trend first started, I was getting my picket sign ready to lead the revolt.  But, the more I saw these, the more I loved! To me, this trend screams sunshine and perfect weather.  There’s nothing cuter than these colorful puffs to add some flavor to your sandals or favorite purse.  I’m especially loving the pom pom meets beach bag combo, and you can bet I’ll be adding one to my collection this season. I’ve linked some of my favorites below.  Chokers, sandals, bags, and keychains… bring ‘em on! I don’t choose favorites 😉


When it comes to hair, I have always had the hardest time achieving the “I just rolled out of bed, but still have my life together” look…. until I discovered my favorite hair product, of course! At this point in my life, I have mastered the art of loose curls, but still struggled to find the right product to add texture.  Everything I tried would make my hair too crunchy, or smell like a hairspray factory and ain’t nobody got time for that. I LOVE Kenra Dry Texture Spray because it leaves my hair looking tousled, soft, and full of volume. I spray this product all over my hair after I’ve finished curling it, and then I run my fingers through the curls.  The product lasts all day, and if you want to add more later to freshen it up, your hair will still remain soft. Pair this product with the Kenra Root Lifting Spray and you will definitely not be lacking in the volume department.

See my high quality snapchat selfie below to see how my hair looked this morning 🙂



If you read my very first post, you know that one of my resolutions this year was to focus on my fitness goals.  I can proudly say that 4 months into the year, I am still going strong! I work out four to five days per week, however, I definitely have those moments where I just can’t seem to get motivated without some added help. In the past, I never took the time to invest in a good pre-workout because I was never consistent with my workouts. A few weeks ago, I decided to make the leap and get my own supplements (instead of borrowing from my boyfriend here and there). My favorite blogger recently posted this product on her Instagram account, which was enough to get me to try it. It is sugar free, gluten free and plant based!  I really like this product because I get the energy boost I need without the extra jitters that come along with most pre-workouts.  If you’re looking for a new product to help give you a boost, definitely give this one a try!

Shop this product here.



Do you ever wish there was a place where you can hear great music all day, on the beach, tanning in the sun, sipping on some dranks? Well, THERE IS! It’s called Tortuga Music Festival and it’s next weekend! Tortuga is a three day, country, rock, and roots music festival located on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. This will be my third year attending, and if the pattern continues, this year will be the best one yet! If you’ve ever been to a country concert, you know that they’re basically just one big party. Multiply that by dozens of artists and you’re looking at a massive beach party. My favorite part about this festival though, is what it stands for. Tortuga Music Festival works hand in hand with the Rock the Ocean Foundation to bring awareness to the issues impacting the world’s oceans. Read more about the cause here. Like I said, if you’ve never been, it’s a great time for a great cause. Hope to see you there!



I have been on a SERIOUS Fleetwood Mac kick lately, guys. Maybe it’s because Stevie Nicks was just touring in Orlando and I wasn’t able to go, but I’ve had them on repeat these last couple of days.  Naturally, I was browsing through their songs on YouTube when this gem appeared in my search results.  I’ve always been a fan of cover songs, but these two knocked it out of the park. Can you say goosebumps?


Have a great weekend!



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    Phil Ulm
    April 1, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    Awesome as usual. Makes me glad I’m not illiterate!

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    Stephanie goenaga
    April 6, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    LOVE the pom pom beach bags! Go best friend! 🙂

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