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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank


Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and the time to buy your loved ones’ gifts is quickly running out.  Okay… let’s just be honest, you’re a professional procrastinator (It’s fine, we just need that extra anxiety push, right!?). To me, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love that you have in your life, whether that be a significant other, friend, or a family member. I’m not big into extravagant gifts, I mean that’s what birthdays and anniversaries are for ;).  I prefer to give something from the heart and spend the day creating new memories with the one I love.

I’ve put together a list of DIY gift and date night ideas, all of which, you can still pull off last minute!


1- Have an at-home staycation: Turn your place into a hotel for the night, fully equipped with romantic lighting, room service, and a spa. Put on your comfiest robe because you’re going to be in relax mode for the next few hours.

Food: Place a quick Order from your favorite restaurant with a food delivery app (Uber EatsPostmates, or Doorstep Delivery). Prices vary

Candles: My favorite from Target. $6.49

Spa: Soothing Facemask and lotion for massages. $8.95 & $5.99

And most importantly, music. Free (Spotify playlists)


2- Make morning coffee cuter with DIY Mugs: I love these because they are perfect for anyone’s Valentine.  If you’ve ever been to my apartment, you probably know about my sick obsession with mugs.  I have sooo many, but somehow can’t stop getting more (maybe it’s the caffeine addiction?). I’ve always wanted to DIY my own, so I called my best friend, Steph, and we got to pinteresting (verb: the act of spending hours on pinterest).  We found some adorable ideas, and also had some fun coming up with our own. Like I said, these gifts are perfect to give to anyone and are extremely cost effective. Check out more details on how to gift these mugs here.


3- Create “Open when” letters and let your Valentine’s Day present last throughout the year. I’ve seen this concept done a few different ways, but my favorite is by far in letter form. There’s something about taking the time to write your thoughts down that just gets to the hopeless romantic in me. Your bae will appreciate the thought that went into this gift, and will love the next opportunity to open one of these.


Open when you’ve just accomplished something

Open when we’re in an argument

Open when you’re feeling down

Open when you miss me

Open when you’re craving something sweet (gift cards are always a nice bonus :))

Open when you’re bored


4- Do something you’ve never done before.  Take this opportunity to have your next adventure!  Look up events going on in your city on Valentine’s Day and go to town (literally). You’ll be excited to break the date night routine.  After all, isn’t this holiday all about love?  And what’s better than creating a new memory with a loved one.

Check out events going on in Orlando here and here.


5- I don’t care what you say, DIY coupon books always made great gifts growing up, so why can’t they still now? You can put a Valentine’s day twist on this gift by making a coupon tree! Get a small leafless tree, pink and red paper, a heart stencil and some string. Cut out hearts and create “redeemable coupons” on them to hang from the branches.

Warning: Coupon books may lead to you becoming a servant for the next week.


-Coupon to get out of doing the dishes

-Coupon for a lunch on me

-Coupon for a massage

-Coupon for a home cooked meal

-Coupon for a movie night of your choice

…or in our house, “Coupon for a full day of not having to walk the dogs.”


Lastly, if you’re not the crafty type and you just want to buy a gift that has meaning, you can’t go wrong with either of these.

For her: A necklace or bracelet with the coordinates of where you first met.

For him: Same concept, but without the bling. Use a map of places that are special to the two of you, add a frame and you have a gift he will love. You can purchase them here.



Whatever you decide to do- just remember to appreciate what it’s all about– the love.



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